I am glad to share these lessons with you, and I hope that in doing so it will facilitate the teaching of God’s word in the church of our Lord and also in a world lost and dying in sin.

I married the former Lisa Ann Woodward on June 6, 1980.  Lisa passed away with cancer on October 20, 2016.  We shared a wonderful and spiritually enriching 36+ years together in the Lord’s service and among His people, the church. We met in the Fall of 1978 in our Freshman year at Florida College in Temple Terrace, Florida.  The following year I moved to her hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky and enrolled at Western Kentucky University.  At the end of the ’79 – ’80 school-year Lisa and I were married in the Cedar House on the campus of WKU.  We then moved to my hometown of Las Cruces, New Mexico and I began working in my father’s automotive machine shop while working on an undergraduate degree at New Mexico State University.  In 1983, I graduated from NMSU with a BBA in Management.  Lisa and I have three children, Angela, Joshua and Darla.

In 1984, I began working with the local preacher in my home congregation the Panleler Street church of Christ in Las Cruces. Shortly thereafter my family and I moved to Pittsburg, Texas to work with the South Greer Blvd. church of Christ.  Two years later we moved to Franklin, Kentucky and worked briefly with the 31W North congregation.  In 1988, we moved back to New Mexico.  From 1988 to 1995, we attended the Miranda Street church of Christ in Las Cruces.  In 1995 I began working with the 25th and Hawaii Street church in Alamogordo, New Mexico.  In 1998 we moved to Edna, Texas to work with the Robison Street church of Christ.

I currently work with the Green Meadow church of Christ in San Angelo, Texas.   It is my hope that the study materials presented on this site will help preachers, teachers and students in their understanding and presentation of God’s Word. — Boyd Jennings