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A Tale of Two Mothers

Mothers CAN have an enormous influence over their children. A mother who has a strong moral character and a gentle demeanor can communicate with a child better than just about anyone. In this lesson we want to view two cases of motherhood. The first resulted in shame, the second resulted in honor.

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Clothing A Christian

Some people suggest that what we wear should be entirely left up to the conscience. These would say that God has stated no absolute truth on this subject. Many others are just content to follow popular fashion trends, thinking that if people are not offended by what they wear, then what’s the problem? But in fact God has given very clear standards for proper dress among His people.

#1 God’s commands (Biblical principles regarding dress), an historical and Biblical perspective click here

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#2 Biblical principles of dress apply to men and women – opinion and culture do not alter the principles – what happens when they are ignored click here

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