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Another Generation Arose

Israel went into apostasy, renounced faith in the LORD God and abandoned all loyalty to Him just two generations removed from Joshua (Judges 2:10). This lesson will give three reasons for Israel’s departure as well as define four levels of failure on their part as a reminder that the same thing can happen and has happened to the church.


God Taught Israel At Jericho

The Israelites would have many lessons to learn and relearn through the centuries, from the Lord their God, but if they had simply learned and passed on to their children the lessons learned at Jericho then they could have avoided many of the problems they would face later.

What did God teach Israel at Jericho? They are lessons appropriate for Christians and the church today.

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Leadership Qualities Of God’s Leaders

Leadership is important in every aspect of life: government, home, and the church. But not just anyone can be an effective leader – especially in the church. Leadership success in the secular realm does not assure equal success in the spiritual realm. The Word of God tells of men who were effective leaders, and from them we see the qualities required of every spiritual leader.

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Courage, Commitment, Confession

Sadly, many who enter the kingdom never develop enough courage to confess Christ and to commit their lives in obedience to His will – thus they never bring any fruit to perfection. They have forgotten the blessing of being cleansed from their old sins. Thus they never develop past their new birth, by adding to their faith virtue, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, love (2 Pet 1:5-9). They appear to have obeyed the gospel, but they are not truly “converted” to Christ (Matt 18:3). In this lesson we will consider 3 events in the life of Joshua that are vital to understanding what it truly means to follow the Lord Jesus Christ today as a disciple.

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