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The Power Of The Gospel

There is no text in the Bible that illustrates the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ better than (Acts 2:1-41).  This scene was a life-altering, culture-changing, event for thousands of Jews. Why did it have such a powerful impact for change in their lives?  Why should we want to know?  We should want the gospel of Christ to have that same impact on us, and we should want to see others impacted by it too.  What is it about the gospel that had such power to unalterably change the lives of those people?


Resurrection (1 Corinthians 15)

The resurrection of Jesus stands out as the most important event of all time and history. We can back up that statement by remembering what Jesus told Martha, the sister of Lazarus, before raising him from the dead. Jesus said (John 11:25-26). It is extremely important that we understand why the resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the basis of our hope. In the text of our lesson (1 Cor 15:1-20), Paul explained why Jesus’ resurrection is a matter of importance to us.

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War In Heaven, Victory and Freedom on Earth

On Memorial Day we will give thanks to God as we reflect on the sacrifices made in times of war to secure and maintain our freedom as a nation. But today let us reflect on the greatest war, a war that secured our freedom from sin and its tragic consequence of separating us from God. That war took place in Heaven, and it did not occur before time began, nor will it occur at the end of time, but this war took place when Jesus died and arose from the grave.

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