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The fundamental doctrines of John Calvin permeate almost every religious denomination. This series of lessons will provide a logical and Scriptural response refuting each of his five basic teachings.

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“The Religious Case For Gay Marriage” – A Sound Biblical Response

A recent article in “Newsweek” magazine (12/15/08) attempts to defend “homosexual marriage” by misusing the Scripture to minimize the value of marriage as God designed it. We will respond to the bulk of the arguments that are made, but we will do so in all fairness to God’s Holy Word revealed in the Bible.

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The Gospels: Old or New?

These two lesson will address the controversy over whether the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John contain teaching from Jesus Christ that is binding upon New Testament Christians, or does everything recorded in those books simply pertain to the Jews and the Law of Moses.

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“The Sinner’s Prayer”

In answer to the question “What must you do to be saved?” most will respond saying that you must trust Christ Jesus and pray to the Father for salvation. This assumes that God is one’s Father before he or she becomes His child. What is termed “The Sinner’s Prayer” is taught and observed by millions who claim Jesus Christ is their Savior. But did you know that “praying through” for salvation is a fairly recent invention of man.

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