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Leadership Qualities Of God’s Leaders

Leadership is important in every aspect of life: government, home, and the church. But not just anyone can be an effective leader – especially in the church. Leadership success in the secular realm does not assure equal success in the spiritual realm. The Word of God tells of men who were effective leaders, and from them we see the qualities required of every spiritual leader.

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Local Churches and Evangelists

In Acts 13 Luke records that the Holy Spirit chose Barnabus and Saul (the apostle Paul) for the important mission of spreading the gospel throughout Asia Minor. Near the end of that tour, he mentions a return trip through several cities in that region. They were “strengthening” and “exhorting” the disciples ” to continue in the faith.” The next verse states that Paul and Barnabus “appointed elders in every church” (Acts 14:21-23). Notice they did not appoint a single man to oversee a local church, but a group or plurality of men. These men were selected based on meeting certain criteria in their lives, certain qualifications if you will. Those you will find in Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus (c.f. 1 Tim 3:1-7; Ti 1:7-9).

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