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The Authority Of Scripture

They are legion who want nothing more than to tear down our confidence in the authority of the Scriptures. But if it can be determined that the Bible is authored by God, then its authority over us will speak for itself – it is, then, the Holy Scriptures. The time has come for Christians to hold fast their confidence in the authority of the Scriptures.

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Trusting God’s Record Of The Flood

There is not a subject in the Bible that has been ridiculed more often than the Noahic Flood. Noah’s ark has born the brunt of more jokes than any other Biblical icon. The events recorded in Genesis 6-9 are held in great derision by many in our modern times. Before anyone can accept the Biblical account of the Flood, he must accept that there is One Omnipotent God, because there are six areas where supernatural power was required.

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