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A Proper Response To Jesus Christ (Luke 5:1-11)

There was something about Jesus that caused the disciples to go wherever He went and to do whatever He asked them to do.  We need to know what traits Jesus had, which caused His disciples to follow Him.  And then we need to ask ourselves, “Do we follow Him for the same reasons?”  In Luke four there are several things revealed about Jesus that made Him appealing to His disciples.


Simeon – Anna – Joseph

Prior to Jesus’ birth, some Jews were patiently and confidently waiting for the promised Christ. They had an image of what they thought He ought to be like, but He turned out to be quite different from what they expected. He turned out to be a Savior of of souls rather than a Protector of national boundaries. He turned out to be a humble servant, and not of a leader of troops. Therefore, most of His people saw no purpose for Him in their nation.
And yet there were 3 people who waited in hope—looking for a bright new day—when God would send His Anointed.


A Tale of Two Mothers

Mothers CAN have an enormous influence over their children. A mother who has a strong moral character and a gentle demeanor can communicate with a child better than just about anyone. In this lesson we want to view two cases of motherhood. The first resulted in shame, the second resulted in honor.

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Displeased with God

By Boyd Jennings

First, it’s easy to be displeased with someone we don’t fully understand. Sometimes the more we get to know a person the easier it is to overcome something that displeases us about him or her. Secondly, it’s easy to be displeased with someone when our main desire is to please ourselves. That desire is what the apostle John referred to as the attitude of “the world” (1 John 2:15-17). Continue reading