Rejoice In The Lord

Words that indicate “joy” (rejoicing, gladness, blessed) occur over a thousand times in Scripture.  And yet, an abiding joy is often missing in our lives as daily disciples of Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior. This year we will seek to prevent that from happening.

Congregational Theme: 2012

Philippians 4:4PPT

Four Reasons For RejoicingPPT

Paul’s JoyPPT

Cultivating Joy — PPT

Who Is Your Father? — PPT

Let There Be JoyPPT

The Joy Jesus Brings —  PPT

The Joy Of The Lord Is Your StrengthPPT

Wanting To Be Like The World – 1 Samuel 8.1-22PPT

Joy Thief: The Disease To PleasePPT

Joy Thief: The Disease To Please, The CurePPT

Joy Thief: The Passion For Power (part 1)

Joy Thief: The Passion For Power (part two)

Joy Thief: KnowledgePPT

Joy Thief: Possessions (part 1) — PPT

Joy Thief: Possessions (part 2) — PPT

Overcoming Fear With Joy (Psalm 27) — PPT

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